Code of conduct

PepsiCo has long maintained a Global Code of Conduct that defines how we do business the right way, guided by Performance with Purpose, our commitment to sustainable growth. The Values that unite all of us as a global company are described in our Code and help guide our decisions and actions. 

Our Global Code of Conduct describes the “purpose” behind our performanceand is designed to help us meet our obligations, show respect to one another in the workplace and act with integrity inthe marketplace.

Doing Business the Right Way
Our Code is the “purpose” behind our performance.
At PepsiCo, we believe acting ethically and responsibly is not only the right thing to do,but also the right thing to do for our business.

Our PepsiCo Global Code of Conduct (our “Code”) is our roadmap and compass for doing
business the right way. Put simply, you do business the right way when you act ethically
and consistently with our Values, our Code, our policies and the law.

Each of Simba/PepsiCo associate is expected to embrace the principles of our Code and:

• Show respect in the workplace
• Act with integrity in the marketplace
• Ensure ethics in our business relationships
• Perform work responsibly for our shareholders

Our Code is at the center of everything we do. It reinforces our core Values and is the
foundation of our strategic mission of Performance with Purpose – in fact, it is the purpose
behind our performance.

Responsibility for Our Code
Our Code applies to every employee, and to our Board of Directors; it governs every business decision we make.

Our Code governs all our decisions and actions, whether in our offices, plants
or warehouses, in the boardroom or in the trade selling our products to customers.
Our Code applies to:

• All PepsiCo employees around the world (including employees of our subsidiaries)
• Members of the PepsiCo Board of Directors when they act in their capacity as directors
• PepsiCo’s joint ventures over which PepsiCo has management control, and to every employee, officer and director of such joint ventures

PepsiCo’s Global Compliance and Ethics Department (“Global Compliance”) is accountable for promoting, monitoring and enforcing our Code. However, the ultimate responsibility for following our Code and for maintaining PepsiCo’s culture of ethical excellence rests with each one of us individually.