Company History


Ask the oldest person you know if they have heard of Simba and you’d probably get a surprising story from way back when! Simba’s seen some radical changes in South Africa since we first launched our Simba chips in 1957! As amazing as it may sound, this billion Rand company was born out of the vision of an old lady from the eastern Cape, Mrs Greyvenstein. Affectionately known as OumaGreyvenstein, this loveable and caring grandma planted a seed that would one day germinate into a snack empire that spanned all across Africa and became an important part in the world’s biggest snack and beverage company.

So, how did Ouma get the ball rolling, or more to the point, how did she get the chips frying? Back in ’39 things weren’t going too well for the world. World War Two was looming large and in Molteno, a small town in the Eastern Cape, things weren’t looking too bright either. Times were tough but things were about to get a lot better because OumaGreyvenstein started making her now famous Ouma Rusks. This project helped the community generate much needed funds while supplying South Africa with its favourite rusk.

Her son, Leon, decided to diversify the family business and in 1952 he bumped into Herman Lay, who was responsible for making Lay’s chips. These two started talking and Leon came back to South Africa to start production on Simba chips. It was at this precise moment in time that Simba became a reality. Something that would one day be part of millions of peoples’ happiness every single day!

In 1957, South Africans were introduced for the very first time to the Simba Chippie! Oh what a day! Not only did South Africa receive its very own local is lekker chip, but we also caught our first glimpse of Simba the Lion, who would one day become one of our countries most recognised and loved icons.

Throughout the years, Simba has always strived to bring a little flavour and fun to everyone that wanted to enjoy themselves.

In the 60’s, two major movements emerged. One was the hippie generation the other was the arrival of Fritos. Fortunately for us the Fritos revolution never slowed down and this popular product is still around today, stronger and better than ever.

Over the years, Simba has changed and evolved to reflect what is going on in our country. Simba has had his finger on the South African pulse and has always been in tune and in step with what people have wanted to snack.


We are able to bring you snacks that you want, not only because we are local, but because we are part of a bigger family that specialises in snacks and beverages all over the world. Simba is part of the PepsiCo International stable.

Simba is committed to bringing you new and exciting flavours and products that reflect your demand and your constant need for fun that roarrrs with flavour! Simba is the undisputed King of Snacks